All About Eve

Stellar Jade x 40, Trailblaze EXP x 300, Credit x 50000, Refined Aether x 5, Clock Credits x 150, "La Messe de l'athée" x 1

Take the elevator to the lower level

For Topaz, the Penacony project was over before it even started. The struggle for Watchmaker's Legacy, Aventurine's memorable demise, Sunday's ambition to become a god... She had brushed up against all of these major events.
But now, she had to step forth and complete negotiations with The Family's rep. Topaz had no complaints about this... First of all, she is a professional, and second of all, she loves the feeling of shooting that game-winner.

Take a seat and start negotiations

Madam Jade, who had been hiding in the shadows this whole time, finally appears. She and Topaz will attend the meeting with The Family.
The Family rep is Oti Alfalfa of the Alfalfas, a seasoned, eagle-eyed Pepeshi merchant. Smart as two of the Ten Stonehearts, not even they are able to predict the direction this meeting will take...

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